Tourism in Italy 2021: the 6 (new) trends for a covid-free holiday

by 19/03/2021

2020 was a year to forget, especially for the Travel sector, brought to its knees by Covid 19. Perhaps tourism in Italy in 2021 is destined to restart, thanks to vaccines and new safety.

Never before had the tourism sector fallen into crisis as last year, in fact since the Eighties it had only experienced continuous growth . Our country had become a reference and successful destination, winning the hearts of the whole world.

Purtroppo il Covid ha colpito in maniera pesante e i numeri parlano chiaro. Prima della pandemia i turisti potevano contare su circa 33 mila alberghi, 2,23 milioni di posti letto e 183 mila esercizi extra alberghieri.

Each industry expert has released their own tourism forecasts for 2021 , agreeing that travel could start again no earlier than summer . The desire to return to travel is so great, luckily some old and new trends come to us to make us relive the feeling of being on vacation.

Turismo in Italia 2021

# 1 Safety and hygiene: the watchwords for a carefree holiday

The pandemic has transformed good habits into indispensable actions to prevent contagion , necessary to finally see tourism in Italy restart as early as 2021 .

The simple gesture of washing hands or wearing a mask, no doubt, avoided the spread of the virus but at the same time developed a lot of anxiety and stress in the most attentive people. 

No wonder that since the start of the pandemic, searches containing the word "relax" on Booking have increased by 33% . But what is it that really makes people relax? A "typical holiday" in the era of Covid requires particular attention to safety and hygiene . In fact, 79% of travelers said they would give these elements more importance during their next stay.

Furthermore, according to Booking, 60% more of people have been looking for words like "clean" and "hygiene" since the beginning of the pandemic. Paying particular attention to safety is the secret to the resumption of tourism in this 2021 and returning to normalcy more and more.

Turismo in Italia 2021

# 2 A whole new trend of tourism in Italy in 2021: The "travel bubbles" 

Travel bubbles are the best way to return to enjoy tourism in Italy from summer 2021 , because they contain one of the most important ideals for us Italians: closeness with family and friends.

The lockdown period in fact put a strain on our social relationships and made us all feel a little more alone. This is why more and more agencies and tour operators recommend “travel bubbles”, or traveling in small private groups avoiding contact with strangers .

This new type of experience gives you the opportunity to be in the company of friends and / or family, making up for the time lost during the lockdown and still maintaining social distancing. 

# 3 Tourism trips to Italy in 2021 are digital nomad proof 

smart working is dominating the world of work and is slowly creating a new way of traveling that perfectly reflects the current historical period. Traveling for tourism in Italy in 2021 is becoming more and more difficult, but for business reasons you can go almost anywhere.

And this is where the digital nomad lifestyle comes in! This trend has spread in 2020 and combines in all respects the concept of work with that of vacation. Last year, as many as 39% of hotels said they hosted remote workers who needed to work in an environment other than that of their home .

Many influencers have also chosen to live a digital nomad experience, sharing their adventures on social media. This doesn't mean you have to be one of them to try this new trend. 

The advantage is that you can leave at any time of the year , even in the months considered "working" and relax between work sessions . If you travel in low season you won't even have to worry about booking in advance or not being able to find a place, on the contrary, you can experience your journey as a true local!

The world is shifting more and more to digital. Many structures have already adapted and have adopted initiatives that fit perfectly with the digital nomad lifestyle, such as giving the possibility to work in shared spaces in bars or cafes, but also make new friends and socialize.

# 4 “Staycation”, when the holiday is just a few steps away

Also this year the "staycation" is reconfirmed, the holiday at zero or a few kilometers from home, an opportunity to rediscover Italy through tourism also in 2021 . After this period of lockdown and limited freedom, staying in your own city or nearby places will be enough to disconnect from the stressful routine.

On the other hand, daily life often does not offer enough time to see one's city with the eyes of a tourist, much less to devote oneself to typical holiday activities. 

This is why choosing a place that is close and easily accessible with your own means will not only help to reduce travel stress, but also to contribute to the economic recovery of the country and to support local activities.

Due to the restrictive anti-covid measures, trips for tourism in Italy have become more difficult to carry out, but don't get discouraged and don't give up your well-deserved vacation. Think about all the activities you would have liked to do and plan to be able to do them. Don't forget the most important thing, have fun!

# 5 "Last second" trips

The severe travel restrictions do not encourage tourists to book well in advance , on the contrary they feel safer to fix their holidays just before leaving.

2020 was the year that saw last minute triumph, but the uncertain situation meant that people preferred not to book without the certainty of being able to cancel even the day before leaving. Also in this case the market has met the needs of the consumer by promoting last second trips, organized close to the departure date and offering flexible cancellation policies without paying a penalty .

In the era of Covid, people would do anything to return to travel, even taking the risk of giving up the trip a few hours earlier by losing their entire vacation. But the desire to contribute to the restart of tourism in Italy (perhaps) in 2021 and to relax after a particularly stressful year far exceeds the possibility of staying at home.

Turismo in Italia 2021

# 6 Eco-sustainability boosts tourism in Italy in 2021

In recent years, the trend of eco-sustainable travel has spread, but never as this year could it benefit both travelers and the planet. In fact, the lockdown period has brought significant improvements to the environment : the temperature was milder than in previous years, smog and noise pollution have decreased, nature in general has awakened.

Taking an eco-sustainable holiday starts with small gestures that already belong to everyday life, such as recycling or recycling up to choosing more sustainable means of transport. Choosing lesser-known destinations is also part of sustainable tourism , as well as preferring experiences in contact with nature and typical local traditions.

This type of stay brings the whole family together! For parents it will be a precious opportunity to immerse themselves completely in a relaxing environment, while the little ones can learn while having fun thanks to activities with their animal friends. 

Would you like to try such an experience but you don't know where to start? Don't panic, we have available for you 5 tips to make your holidays eco-sustainable! It doesn't take much to make a difference.