Top 10 Original Ideas for your Christmas Gifts

by 18/11/2020

Tthe best time of the year is finally coming! Yes, but also the most stressful! Every time you promise to start on time but in no time at all you find yourself at the last minute without original ideas for your Christmas gifts and you end up buying the first thing that happens, just so as not to look bad. If you don't know what to fish for this year too, here are ten ideas that will make your gifts unique and unforgettable!

Idee Originali per i tuoi Regali di Natale

1. One of the original ideas for your most beautiful Christmas gifts: Seaplane ride on Lake Como

Imagine feeling free and light as you fly. You could give these emotions to someone in one of the most beautiful places in the world aboard a seaplane, a particular type of aircraft that is also a boat at the same time. In addition to the unforgettable experience, the lucky one will be able to achieve a patent also valid for "land" aircraft while those who are already pilots can obtain a more specific qualification. Two gifts in one!

Como AeroClub

Idee Originali per i tuoi Regali Natalizi

Hot air balloon ride

This is one of the original ideas for Christmas gifts more suitable for the season because the winter hot-air balloons are better suited for flying, but that's not all! They will be able to show the breathtaking landscapes of Brianza, known as the land of lakes, led by qualified pilots and a professional crew. And who likes to broaden their horizons? No problem, the hot air balloons will accompany you in all around Italy! An experience also recommended for those with their feet on the ground.

Balloon Tour

3. Cooking class with Chef Cannavacciuolo's dishes at Villa Crespi

Nowadays it is known that the simplest things are also the best. Everyone has their own tastes but a dish cooked with genuine ingredients puts everyone in agreement, in fact this is an excellent idea originale per un regalo natalizio suitable for those who want to amaze using traditional ingredients. A precious cooking class that reveals how cooking becomes art involving all the senses and making unforgettable moments made of looks and flavors.

Cooking Experience at Villa Crespi

Idee Originali per i tuoi Regali di Natale

4. One of the most original ideas for your Christmas gifts: Foraging Experience

One in three cooking enthusiasts is waiting to be able to participate in such an activity to live their passion at three hundred and sixty degrees. Being in contact with nature for the collection of wild herbs and berries for culinary use and being able to create tasty menus suitable for every season. Thanks to careful research and the desire to tell people, this experience goes beyond all expectations.

Foraging experience in Como

Idee Originali per i tuoi Regali Natalizi

5. Golf lessons in a pleasant environment with no stress

The Christmas period warms the soul without tiring, so why not make a christmas gift that brings you into this spirit? Learning to play golf in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere it will help to eliminate stress without forgetting the fun. Surrounded by green meadows, lakes and nature, anyone can feel at ease and give the best of themselves, even if the ball does not end up in the hole at the first shot.

Monticello Golf Club

6. A romantic weekend in a country villa near Como

During the holidays, the snow and the soft lights give a magical atmosphere that is completed with love. A romantic weekend in a villa immersed in the countryside is one of the original ideas for Christmas gifts that will warm the hearts of all lovers. With its elegant vintage-style villa, the Dandelion Como Suites & Park is able to relax thanks to the welcoming rooms, its enchanting park, the suggestive cafe and the surprising experiences for a holiday full of emotions.

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Idee Originali Regali di natalizi

7. An exclusive mask made in Como made with precious laminated fabrics

Since it has forcefully entered everyone's everyday life the mask represents one more tool to protect oneself and to express one's personality. In addition to the surgical one, there are different materials: fabric, cotton, silk, chiffon, flannel and even an experiment is underway to create one with graphene in the city of Como! Like it or not, it has become a must have and it is certainly one of the original ideas for a very suitable gift for this year. molto azzeccata per quest’anno.

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8. One of the original ideas for your most relaxing Christmas gifts ever: Mindfulness in the woods of Lake Como

Taking time to yourself is the secret to overcoming everyday difficulties, a few minutes are enough to rebalance your body and mind while a couple of hours will make you more aware. A way to experience a walk in nature differently thanks to mindfulness and relaxation exercises , not to mention the visit to a typical farm with tasting of their dairy products. A unique Christmas gift that unites body, mind and… palate!

Cicero Experience: Mindfulness on Lake Como

9. Sommelier course

The production of a good wine is considered an art and it is necessary to know it well in order to be able to enhance it and know how to combine it with the typical products of gastronomy, so as to bring out every single food. In every sip there is a hint that stands out more than another and knowing how to recognize it is not easy, but with the right motivation and the right sommelier course the goal towards the badge will get closer!

Official Site - Italian Sommelier Association

10. Horse Riding Lessons

Never before has there been a need to spend some time outdoors like this year. It would be nice to receive as a Christmas gift an adventure in nature driving ... a horse! With this horse riding lesson you can go to the discovery of one of the oldest lakes of glacial origin where you can enjoy the moment. Also suitable for the little ones since, every now and then, the ponies want to renew their hairstyle!

Horse Riding Lessons

Which gift will you choose this year?