Hollywood on the Lake | 5 Films Shot on Lake Como

by 20/04/2021

By now Lake Como is a destination known for its elegant beauty all over the world. Also accomplices many directors who have decided to give him credit through their films shot right on Lake Como .

Although it is advisable to see it in person, the footage gives a taste of its charm and it is as if they transport you directly to its shores.

Over the years the greatest artists have been able to grasp its grace and transform it into an unforgettable story.

No matter what the plot is to be told, the lake landscape will warmly envelop it and make it history.

film girati lago di como

Why is it so popular with celebrities?

It will be its elegance, perhaps its microclimate or perhaps its history that will make the lake a real international icon.

However, it has certainly won the hearts of several celebrities who have even chosen it as a place to disconnect from everything and everyone. At least once you have seen the imposing villa of George Clooney which had the honor of hosting characters such as Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio .

Many actors have been lucky enough to visit the lake for work reasons, such as Liam Neeson, Antonio Banderas , Laura Linney, Robert De Niro , Richard Green and Tom Cruise just for name a few.

Each of them had a role in at least one of the films shot on Lake Como and, even with the cameras off, they declared it the most beautiful place they have ever worked.

film girati lago di como

The labyrinth of passions (The Pleasure Garden)

Filmed by Hitchcock , the labyrinth of passions is a 1925 silent film shot in the UK, Italy and Germany.

The young director had already been on Lake Como before his debut film. In fact, the year before he had gone there as assistant director to Graham Cutts for the sin of the Puritan . Luck did not help them much since, due to a storm, they were forced to stop filming.

Despite this, Hitchcock does not forget Lake Como, in fact the following year returns as director to shoot the honeymoon of Virginia Valli, American diva of the silent film, and Miles Mander.

He has always talked about his stay at the lake with pleasure, even the most unpleasant unexpected events. Like when at the border he was advised not to declare the film to avoid a high tax, unfortunately, however, it was seized , leaving him without the money to pay for the hotel. He had booked Villa d 'Este.

Among the filming locations such as Villa d’Este and Isola Comacina , the village of Nesso particularly bewitched Hitchcock's heart. Thanks to the picturesque waterfall that flows in the center of the town, "the stuff of a romantic grand tour ", as he had defined it and the medieval Civera bridge, located between the hamlets of Coatesa and Borgovecchio.

007 Casino Royale

British spy James Bond, born from the mind of Ian Fleming, has been played by several actors over time.

Daniel Craig, however, was able to give life to his character in the movie Casino Royale, shot in part on Lake Como , the director Martin Campbell wanted to use the enchanting Villa del Balbianello for 007's convalescence following the tortures of Le Chiffre.

The shooting of the film began in January 2006 in London and then continued in Prague, where the scenes of the bombing at Miami airport and the stay of Bond and Vesper in the hotel were shot. from Venice.

After two months in the Bahamas, the crew returns to the Czech Republic and then moves to Lake Como to finish filming.

Ocean’s Twelve

After three years from the success of Ocean's Eleven, in 2004 Ocean's Twelve was released, which sees the "thieves" protagonists enjoying their riches thanks to the thefts at Las Vegas casinos.

They have to contend with their rival Night Fox (Vincent Cassel) and then decide to visit him in his villa in Italy, precisely in Cernobbio . What better home than Villa Erba to represent the villa of a thief? With its elegant yet imposing appearance, it lends itself perfectly to this role.

Devono vedersela con il loro rivale Night Fox (Vincent Cassel) e quindi decidono di andare a trovarlo nella sua villa in Italia, precisamente a Cernobbio. Quale dimora migliore di Villa Erba per rappresentare la villa di un ladro? Dal suo aspetto elegante ma imponente, si presta benissimo per questo ruolo.

Among the views of the lake there is not only the villa, in fact you can see the suggestive views while Vincent Cassel travels along the Regina state road or Danny Ocean which crosses the lake, between Cernobbio and Torno, aboard a “Riva” motorboat.

film girati lago di como

Star Wars Episodio 2: attacco dei cloni

For the lovers of Star Wars it will certainly not be a secret, but not everyone imagines that a Lombard villa has been chosen to celebrate the secret marriage between Anakin and Padmé .

Star Wars was one of the films shot on Lake Como that moved viewers to buy a ticket to Italy just to feel like their favorite characters at least for a day.

The villa that frames the wedding is Villa del Balbianello in the municipality of Tremezzina. The lake in the film is actually known as the planet Naboo, Padmé's native planet.

After the release of the film, the e requests from the spouses to crown their love for the villa have increased dramatically , most of them coming not by chance from lovers of the saga.

Yet getting there is not exactly that simple, but the bride and groom would do anything to be like Anakin and Padmé on the best day of their life.

film girati lago di como

House of Gucci

The novelty film of 2021 by Ridley Scott (the director of Alien & Mad Max Fury Road) sees the events of Gucci as protagonists throughout Italy.

This is also one of the many films shot in part on Lake Como . One of the locations chosen was the very small Ossuccio on Lake Como , a town that turns its gaze to the island of Comacina, unique in the whole lake. This is where filming began in March 2021 which sees Lady Gaga in the role of Patrizia Reggiani and Adam Driver who plays Maurizio Gucci.

There is not much information on the film yet, but it seems that the scene of a rich reception was shot at Villa Balbiano in which the entire Gucci family attended: Rodolfo Gucci, Jeremy Irons , uncle Aldo , Al Pacino and Paolo Gucci, also known as Jared Leto .

In addition to the villa, filming also occupied the Regina state road in the stretch from Argegno and Colonno, ending in the municipality of Tremezzina.

The murder of Maurizio Gucci

Milan . March 27, 1995. 9 am.

Maurizio Gucci , heir to an empire born in Florence in 1921, is preparing to start his normal day by entering the lobby of his office. Like every morning, he receives a good morning from the porter Giuseppe Onorato, but that was not an ordinary morning .

Suddenly the hitman steps forward and fires three gunshots at Gucci and two at the goalkeeper. While fleeing in a green clio, the killer runs over a second witness a girl who notices a baseball cap on the head of the alleged murderer.

The first hypotheses follow an international track , which could have involved Gucci in an alleged outstanding debt in Japan or a large project in Switzerland where the opening of a casino.

While the eyes are focused on abroad, another valid track is opening up, which sees as the protagonist his wife Patrizia Reggiani , who had never hidden the hatred towards her husband.

A story that upset the "Milan well" of the 90s, which ends with the arrest of Patrizia Reggiani plus her "action company" composed of Benedetto Ceraulo (assassin), Orazio Cicala ( the driver), Pina Auriemma (the organizer of the murder) and Ivano Savioni who allegedly negotiated a reward of 600 million lire for the action with Reggiano.